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Mother Daughter Quality Time

How the Journey Starts

Hello There,

I am glad that you landed here! My story started a couple of years ago when my daughter turned 11 and I realized that I will soon have a teenager in the house. My daughter and I have always been close, and keeping our bond strong with open communication was something that I value deeply. As soon as she learned to read and write in grade school, we began this little thing of leaving each other notes, reminders, a favorite quote here and there, or just a simple “I love you” and sometimes “I’m sorry”. These messages are always the bright light of my day! 

I wanted others to experience these same little joys. So about six months ago, I started my own e-commerce business thoughtfully named SharingWordthy. I love the vintage feel about these message boards with letters that are interchangeable, how clever is that? These boards are such a conversation piece in the house! It quickly became the word board we used frequently. 

We spent quite a lot of time researching on felt materials and wood frames, and understood why a saw-tooth hook was a better option for wall hanging than a frame stand, as it may cause instabilities. Our goal is to provide the best letterboard for the most reasonable price point. 

I am blessed to have SharingWordthy as a creative outlet to express my thoughts and inspirations. I am also grateful to share my journey with you and hope our letter boards will bring some love and laughter into your home.

Thank you for reading,