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Retro, classy-chic, and made for customization

Imagine if you could go back in time, like style and decoration, could be the way they used to be before everything went so digital.  We have the best furnishing to give your home that pleasant retro feeling you’ve been missing!  Our letter board with its solid frame, dark grey felt, and white letters simply ooze nostalgia!  In the past, you found them everywhere.  They were in movie theaters, offices, cafés and restaurants.  Probably because they are clever and interchangeable.  Just press the letters in to create words worth sharing - the song lyrics from your favorite artist, fine words of wisdom, messages to your loved ones, dinner menus, weekly plans, reminders... pretty much anything!  This board will effortlessly become a conversation piece no matter where it displays. 

  • Coffee Table / Side table
  • Mantel / Bookshelf 
  • Classroom
  • Photography prop
    ♦ milestones: pregnancy, baby, child's "firsts"
    ♦ announcements: engagement, baby shower, graduation, party
  • Hallway / Bedroom
    ♦ quotes / lyrics
    ♦ scripture
  • Kitchen
    ♦ weekly menu
    ♦ chore chart
  • Business
    ♦ pricing / hours  / contact numbers
    ♦ special of the day


Our shadow grey felt letter board is stylish and versatile. It can be hung on the wall, leaned on kitchen counter, or used as a photography prop. 

Shadow Grey Details:

  • Premium grey felt, solid wood frame with saw-tooth hook for wall mounting
  • 346-piece set of ¾" Helvetica font letters, numbers, and emojis 
  • Flush cutter features a stainless steel jaw and anti-slip rubber handle 
  • Dimensions: 9.75" x 13.25" x ⅘" / 25cm x 34cm x 2cm 
  • Package weight: 2 lbs / 0.9kg

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